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Activities, sites and map

The Lozère is the least populated department in France.
Only 80000 people live here, mainly in villages and hamlets in the countryside. 
The Southern part of the
Central Massif is formed by four different landscapes with a large variety of caves in the soft limestone rock.
The Gorges of the Jonte and the Tarn
as well as the plateau and the valley of the Lot consist mainly of limestone.  

Sur le mont Lozère


Les gorges de Chassezac
The rock faces are ideal for canyoning but also for adventurous hikes along and through the riverbed. Of interest for the speleologist is the large variety of caves in the soft limestone rock.

The Cevennes (spread over the Gard and the Lozère ) are characterised by shale and the mont Lozère by granite.
The Aubrac is formed by high basalt plateaus and non-active volcano's. 

The Aubrac and the
Margeride have an average altitude between 1100 and 1200 meters, with a middle mountain climate.

Same goes for the Mont Lozère , of almost 1700 meters from which the department owes its name. It is the highest mountain of the  Languedoc-Roussillon region.
In winter you can practise winter sports, such as :
alpine and Nordic ski, hikes with snowshoes or make a sleigh ride with huskies...

Vue sur Altier

Château de Luc

On average, the Lozère is the highest department, but the differences are huge. Thanks to the average and the large number of water courses that find their source here, the Lozère is nicknamed : "the water tower of France". The numerous rivers, lakes and barrages are ideal for fishing, swimming, canoe and even sailing..

The Cevennes have an altitude of between 300 and 900 meters, like the "Gorges du Tarn" and the "Gorges de la Jonte", with a Mediterranean climate.

The diversity of the Lozère offers something of interest for everybody : on of near the water, on foot (a large number of well described and signposted hiking routes crisscross the region) or by car to visit the large number of interesting sites.

Lovers of nature, flora and fauna will be spoiled here. The flora of the Lozère is remarkable, from April till the end of autumn there is a successive flowering of: broom, wild narcissus, orchids, and heather, just to name a few.
Many varieties of mushrooms, fantastic in appearance and tatste. The fauna also offers plenty of diversity : deer, wild boar, beaver, birds of prey, etc..

With its many mountain rivers and lakes, the Lozère is a paradise for trout fishers. Near La Combette (at only 4 kms from the source of the Lot) , the latest count has yielded 900 trout over a length of only 100 meters of river.  (La Combette is sutuated at 100  m. from the Lot).
Best time for trout fishing : April, May and June.

Feel free to call us for information !

Bed & breakfast and dinner
& apartment


Patricia Tholet
Au Porteau
48800 Saint-André Capcèze

Tel/fax 00 33 4 66 46 20 10

e-mail : au-portaou@wanadoo.fr
Dominique & Noël
La Combette
48190 St. Jean du Bleymard

Tel :00 33(0)4 66 48 61 35


Activities, roads, sites & links
Ancient roman roads 

Old farmhouses
Aubaret fortified farm
Bagnols les-bains

Biological agriculture
La Bambouseraie, bamboo gardens
Bateliers de la Malène
Belvédère de Bouzèdes
Belvédère du Chassezac
Belvédère de Truel
Le Bleymard

Les Bondons
Cartes IGN: 1/25000 www.ign.fr
1/100 000
n° 50 et 59
Railway Clermont Ferrand-Genolhac-Alès
Castles :
Le château d'Aujac
Le château de Tournel
Le château de Portes
Le château de Brésis

Le château de Luc
Snow storm warning bell-tower Clochers de tourmente (Auriac, la Fage, Sagnes, Serviès)

Honey factory
Le col de Finiels

Cures thermales
D 104
D 901
D 998
D 906
Ecomuseums Cevennes National park : Les écomusées du parc national des Cévennes
L'Ecomusée du Mont Lozère

Ecomusée des Cévennes
Ecomusée de Causse et gorges
Romanesque churches
Church of Bonnevaux
The Roure farm
Farm and breadoven of Troubat
la Fage (Le ferradou de)
Flora and fauna
Grotto of Dargilan
La Garde - Guérin
Gorges du Tarn
Gorges du Chassezac

GR 7 and 7 A
GR 44
GR 68
GR 72

Caves (Aven Armand, Dargilan e.a.)

Lanuejols and Mausoleum

Mas Camargues (pnC)
Malon et Elze

Le Mont Lozère
Menhirs de Bondon
Cevennes national park
OTSI Villefort
OTSI Genolhac
Przwalski horses
Pic de Loup
Le lac de Villefort
Le Pont de Montvert
Le Pont de Sénechas
Le Pont double de St. André de Capcèze

Le parc des bisons d'Europe
Le parc des Loups du Gévaudan

Musée Pierre André Benoit (Alès)
Musée municipal du Colombier (Alès)
Musée mine témoin (Alès)
Musée vivant de la laine (Langogne)

Musée "de la terre à l'acier" (St. Chély d'Apcher)
Pont du Tarn
Pont de Rastel
Poteries d'Anduze

Randonnée pédestre et équestre
Randonnées Mont Lozère
La Régordane
Remise en forme
RN 106 + RD 106
Route des Crêtes (D 35)
Le chemin de Stevenson
Saint Ambroix

St. Chély d'Apcher
Ste Enimie
Source du Tarn
Ski alpin et ski nordique
Les stations de ski : Le Bleymard : 1400-1702m 7 pistes ski alpin et 5 pistes de ski de fond
- Mas de la Barque 1340-1650m. 5 pistes de ski de fond.

Stages patchwork
Topoguide GR70 réf 700 Chamina.comm
Tour du Mont Lozère
Vallon de Villaret
Viaduc de Chamborigaud

VTT - Traversée Massif Central


La Combette
in St. Jean du Bleymard, at the foot of the mont Lozère and
Au Portaou
in the in the Cévennes between Villefort and Genolhac

Combined stay
: If you would like to get to know the various aspects of the region, you can reserve the Cevennes-Mont Lozère formula : for example 4 days at La Combette and 4 days at Au Portaou in either order, transport of luggage on request.

Région Cévennes-Mont Lozère dans le Massif Central
Region Cevennes, Mont Lozère - bordering the Cevennes national park in the South of France.
parc national des Cévennes

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